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Published on: 17/0/2024 7 mins read

Is it true that automated marketing strategies have the power to close sales online? Can marketing automation for plastic surgeons bring in new patients even while you sleep?

And if this is true, what do you need to start implementing it?

Our intention with these questions is not to fill you with uncertainty; on the contrary, we aim to open up a new world of possibilities for your medical marketing plan.

To start, let's share some interesting statistics:

  • 75% of marketers use at least one type of automated marketing tool.
  • 63% of companies do it to outperform the competition.
  • Brands using marketing automation strategies experience a 12% reduction in overall marketing expenses.

Consider this: this system allows you to scale in the market faster, better, and with less effort and money involved.

What is marketing automation and what is it for?

Marketing automation is essentially the methodology that automates the fundamental processes of a digital marketing strategy. This achievement is realized through the use of software designed specifically for this purpose.

The effectiveness of marketing automation lies in the ability of these tools to optimize and streamline tasks, ensuring a more efficient and precise approach to the implementation of digital strategies.

In simple terms, it facilitates the automation of many processes simultaneously, while simultaneously increasing customer tracking and building trust to advance their loyalty as patients to your aesthetic clinic.

While these tools perform their tasks in an automated manner, they require human intervention to function.

For example, sending emails is one of the most important marketing tasks that you can automate with welcome lists, follow-ups, cart abandonment, bonuses, special offers, and more.

Before that, someone (or several professionals) must:

  • Define the buyer persona
  • Attract leads
  • Build the contact list
  • Segment it
  • Plan the strategy
  • Write personalized emails considering the stage of the funnel they are in, and after all this,
  • Schedule emails to be sent automatically to each list and continue sending when a new potential patient arrives.

It's like a system made up of several pieces that, once designed and assembled, can function on its own, 24/7, every day of the year.

The preliminary work may seem like a lot, but believe us when we say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep track of all your patients without it being automated.

At some point, you lose contact when they are about to buy, forget who you need to retain, not to mention converting prospects into patients.

So, a specialized marketing team in plastic surgery organizes the plan, strategy, or campaign, and then implements it using marketing automation software.

As you know, every marketing plan for plastic surgeons must go through the following phases:

  1. Creation of a strategy
  2. Implementation of the actions (foreseen in the strategy)
  3. Monitoring performance
  4. Analyzing data
  5. Evaluating results and proposing improvements.

Therefore, the software will help you implement each of the strategies included in the medical marketing plan for plastic surgeons, automating processes as much as possible, to simplify steps and streamline actions that involve interaction with potential patients.

That's it, and that's what it's for!

Benefits of marketing automation for cosmetic surgery clinics

Enough with theories, let's get to the tangible results!

Let's see the results that you and your team can feel by implementing marketing automation for aesthetic clinics.

1. Optimization of administrative processes

Marketing automation allows an unparalleled optimization of administrative processes in aesthetic clinics. Imagine significantly reducing manual tasks and repetitive processes that consume time.

With the right implementation, you can automate appointment scheduling, reminders, and post-treatment follow-ups.

This not only saves valuable time but also ensures efficient management of daily operations.

2. Effective personalization for potential clients

One of the biggest challenges in marketing for aesthetic clinics is reaching potential clients effectively. Marketing automation addresses this challenge by allowing precise audience segmentation.

Through this tool, you can offer a highly personalized approach in communication, tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each client.

This customization not only attracts new clients but also strengthens the connection with those who have already experienced your services.

3. Increase in lead conversion to patients

Timely response is essential in the aesthetic sector. Marketing automation automatically responds to inquiries and information requests, ensuring that no valuable lead goes unnoticed.

Moreover, the tool can send relevant content at strategic moments in the buying cycle, significantly increasing conversion chances.

This proactive approach not only streamlines the conversion process but also creates a more satisfying experience for the patient.

4. Improvement in customer retention

Customer retention is key to the ongoing success of an aesthetic clinic. This is where marketing automation shines by scheduling follow-up reminders and personalized offers for regular customers.

Automatic feedback gathering allows continuous adjustment of the patient experience, improving satisfaction and loyalty.

Automation not only simplifies retention but also contributes to building long-term relationships with your patients.

5. Data analysis for informed decisions

Marketing automation provides automatic reports that offer a detailed view of campaign performance.

→ With real-time data analysis, you can adjust strategies based on market trends and customer behavior.

This data-driven adaptability puts you in a stronger position to make informed decisions that drive the continuous growth of your aesthetic clinic.

Increasing sales and retaining patients

We've made it clear; one of the goals of marketing automation is to close sales and, therefore, increase the profitability of the business.

In the case of aesthetic clinics, this goal will be defined as "more converted patients" or increased patient traffic to the clinic, which needs to be retained.

In this process, 5 marketing actions that complete automation are fundamental. These are:

Content creation

Marketing automation for surgeons must be accompanied by an excellent content generation strategy that is attractive and innovative, sparking interest in potential patients.

Remember this: your goal on social media and any other channel is to generate "engagement," meaning, build a meaningful relationship with your patients.

For this, the content must be carefully oriented towards the target audience, spreading in channels where interaction is most effective.

Interaction with patients

On the other hand, marketing automation allows you to classify notifications from potential patients to automatically send them to those who have taken some action, such as scheduling an appointment or requesting information.

In any case, from that moment on, the patient will be registered on your contact list. This is a unique opportunity to send relevant information that brings them closer to acquiring your services.

Lead nurturing

Lead Nurturing is a crucial phase in the automation of marketing for aesthetic clinics. Here, the strategy focuses on turning leads (incoming users) into committed patients.

→ An effective tactic in this process is the implementation of structured and automated email marketing campaigns.

Let's assume that a visitor downloads a guide on the most popular aesthetic procedures from your website. Instead of bombarding them with information immediately, Lead Nurturing involves sending a series of well-designed emails.

These emails can include additional educational content, testimonials from satisfied patients, and eventually, a special offer for their first consultation.

In effect, this gradual approach nurtures the relationship with the lead, building trust and increasing conversion chances.

Lead Scoring

Scoring is also called "user evaluation," through which you can assess your potential patients in a ranking that will allow you to determine their level of engagement with your clinic or medical services.

Imagine assigning points every time a lead takes a significant action, such as opening an email, clicking on a link, or visiting certain pages on your website. A higher score could indicate greater interest and commitment.

→ A lead with a higher score could receive more personalized offers or be contacted by the sales team for a personalized consultation.

This data-driven approach ensures that your team focuses on leads with the highest potential to become patients.


Finally, Marketing Automation will help you implement various email marketing campaigns with calls to action for your patients, i.e., to engage them. But also, when there are periods of inactivity from your patients, it will help you resurrect them and rekindle their interest in your services through "re-engagement" actions.

And here we go with another example.

Suppose you've noticed a decrease in the interaction of a patient who was previously highly engaged.

→ Using the software and tools, you can automatically send personalized emails with relevant content, such as new trends in aesthetic procedures or even exclusive offers for regular patients.

This proactive approach not only keeps the relationship alive but can also reignite the patient's interest, bringing them back to your clinic.


If, at this point, you wonder how to implement these specific strategies in your clinic and which marketing automation tools are most suitable for your needs... contact us.

In our free strategic session, we will evaluate your current marketing plan and find improvement points for your campaigns, strategies, and plans to work effectively in an automated way.