Inbound: Is it the best marketing strategy for plastic surgeons?

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Published on: 23/10/2023 6 mins read

Plastic surgeons offer services to a well-defined and selective audience with high beauty standards and a strong intention to achieve the aesthetic changes they desire for their bodies.

Their target audience is well-defined and quite familiar with the treatments. But how can you attract them to choose you over another clinic or aesthetic center?

This is where inbound marketing makes its triumphant entrance.

Millions of aesthetic clinics see their revenues double, and even triple, thanks to inbound marketing practices, a highly effective methodology for the medical sector, especially plastic and reconstructive surgery.

But what does this methodology entail and how can it be applied?

Let's go for it!

Let's talk about the inbound methodology

The inbound methodology is more than a marketing strategy; it is a comprehensive approach that focuses on attracting, engaging, and delighting potential patients.

This method deviates from traditional tactics that interrupt consumers and instead focuses on "building authentic and lasting relationships."

  • While traditional marketing employs an interrupted approach and one-way communication, with the brand speaking to the customer,
  • inbound marketing focuses on the customer, attracting them with useful and valuable content in an interactive dialogue that uses various channels to build that two-way communication.

At the heart of the inbound methodology lies the recognition of patient needs and the delivery of solutions in a non-intrusive manner.

What is inbound marketing?

Building on what was explained earlier, we can say that inbound marketing is a philosophy that translates into tangible actions.

A continuous commitment to creating relevant content whose purpose is to attract the audience in a "natural" way and keep your brand top of mind.

Of course, this approach involves a mix of strategies, including:

  • informative blogs
  • active presence on social media
  • search engine optimization (SEO), and
  • personalized emails.

A plastic surgeon who, along with a medical marketing team, implements these actions will be recognized as an expert in the field and will generate genuine interest among users who will naturally become clients.

Inbound marketing strategies for plastic surgeons

In the fast-paced world of plastic surgery, where patient trust and perception are crucial, applying inbound marketing strategies becomes an essential tool to stand out in a saturated market.

On the other hand, the personal and intimate nature of aesthetic procedures requires an approach that, in addition to attracting patients, builds meaningful relationships.

In this context, let's now see how to establish those authentic connections with patients following the inbound marketing methodology.

Attraction Strategies

The first step, if not the most crucial, in inbound marketing is to naturally attract patients.

How do you achieve this?

Here's the answer:

1. Create educational content

Use video, infographics, and blogs to delve into plastic surgery, address patient concerns, or highlight the extensive list of benefits that a particular treatment offers.

For example, you can create a detailed video about the benefits and precautions of rhinoplasty, accompanied by a blog that explores the myths and realities of the procedure.

This will attract curious future patients and help position you as an authority in the field.

2. Localized and specialized SEO

One of the best ways to reach local patients is to implement specific SEO strategies focused on specialized services.

For instance, you can optimize your website for terms like "facial plastic surgery in [City Name]" to attract patients interested in specific facial procedures.

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3. Social media engagement

There's no better recipe for building an online community and fostering trust with potential clients than being active on social media.

How do you achieve this? By showcasing your work, answering frequently asked questions, and sharing success stories.

Recommendation: post images of successful procedures with stories behind each case, engage followers, and generate interactions.

4. Exclusive offers and discounts

Create marketing campaigns that offer discounts or exclusive benefits to those who register or schedule a consultation. This not only attracts new patients but also encourages immediate action.

An example of a good campaign could be: "Register for a consultation this month and receive an exclusive discount on your first plastic surgery procedure!"

Interaction Strategies

1. Question and answer sessions

An interesting way to create high interaction with potential clients is to organize live question and answer sessions.

Another way to do this is by recording an Instagram story inviting followers to write their concerns in a question box and gradually responding to the most repeated or deemed most important.

2. Informative webinars

Another interaction strategy is informative webinars that you can develop monthly, bi-monthly, or every six months as part of your marketing strategy.

You can choose topics for these webinars based on the surgeries that generate the most questions from the public, such as facelifts, liposuction, or mommy makeovers.

3. Interactive surveys

You can also use surveys on social media to involve your audience in decisions related to future content, events, promotions, and new services.

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4. Testimonials and case studies

Testimonials and case studies are social proof that validates the quality of your services and helps you build emotional connections with your audience.

If a potential client identifies with the testimony of one of your patients, the chances of them taking action and acquiring that service increase significantly.

To leverage this strategy, you can document a patient's transformation from consultation to recovery.

Delight Strategies

Another way to implement the inbound marketing methodology as a plastic surgeon is to "delight your audience."

But what does this mean?

Delighting means providing customers with resources to solve their problems, pains, or needs through their purchase. It means making them happy and satisfied, and you can make this possible with:

1. Loyalty programs

You can implement a rewards system for recurring patients that includes discounts, gifts, or exclusive services. This will help foster customer loyalty and keep them motivated to return.

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2. Personalized postoperative content

Sending personalized emails with detailed information about recovery, care tips, and postoperative follow-up is an excellent strategy to strengthen your relationship with patients.

For example, you can create a series of weekly postoperative emails that include instructional videos, patient testimonials, tips, and reminders for follow-up consultations.

3. Exclusive patient events

Another good strategy is exclusive events, which can be in-person or virtual.

Social gatherings, informative talks, and online workshops for current patients are an excellent loyalty resource and will help patients stay updated on your services and innovations.

4. Satisfaction surveys 

Sending satisfaction surveys to patients to collect feedback and suggestions makes them feel important and demonstrates your commitment to quality and the patient experience.

In summary, inbound marketing is not just about attracting new patients but also about building a loyal community.

Plastic surgeons who adopt this methodology find not only an increase in the number of consultations but also higher patient satisfaction over time.

The key lies in understanding individual patient needs and providing content that resonates with them at each stage of their aesthetic journey.


Do you think there's a lot to organize and do?

Don't worry; with a good medical marketing team, you can implement the strategies you want.

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