Tips for crafting an outstanding Instagram BIO for your clinic

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Published on: 4/0/2024 6 mins read

Digital marketing goals cannot be achieved without a presence on social media. While not the sole action required, social media plays a crucial role in the marketing strategy for medical professionals and clinics.

→ Specifically, let's focus on Instagram, one of the most significant platforms with 1.336 billion monthly active users, at least 50% of whom log in daily.

Moreover, these 500 million daily Instagrammers are passionate about interaction, content consumption, and purchasing products/services.

→ Instagram influences 80% of users' decisions to buy a product.

This makes it an exceptionally powerful platform for businesses or ventures.

When it comes to attracting new users and gaining followers, the Instagram bio is a key tool in marketing.

The bio, or profile, is often underutilized by businesses and brands, but a good marketing plan for clinics and medical professionals knows how to leverage it.

And that's why you're here!

To dust off your bio and that of your clinic, making them contribute to conversions and results in your marketing plan for clinics and medical professionals.

Learn to set up an Instagram BIO that converts, just like the experts do.

Necessary elements for setting up your Instagram BIO

Now that we've established the importance of the Instagram BIO, let's detail the necessary elements to set it up, including the information to include and how to structure the bio to make it look absolutely great.

So, the Instagram bio is the small section on your profile page on this social network.

→ It's the area that allows you to tell the world who you are, what you do, where you are, and most importantly, the value you can provide.

If a user clicks on your profile, they will be redirected there, which is why the bio is so important.

What to include in your Instagram BIO?

Firstly, the name of your clinic or medical center should appear, positioned above the business description, where the specialty is detailed.

It's important to be assertive and concise since you only have 150 characters to write a brief description on your profile, where you can also include emojis (we explain why we recommend this below).


At the bottom of the bio is where you should add contact information, such as your phone number, email, and physical address.

Additionally, your bio can include a single link, usually used to direct patients to your website.

You can also use a smart link to connect patients to various links, such as:

  • Website
  • Direct WhatsApp chat
  • Current promotions
  • Online store
  • Downloadable material, among others.

How to structure your Instagram BIO description?

Yes, it's true, the character limit of 150 for a bio may seem tight, but believe us, well-structured, that length is more than efficient for generating new leads or potential patients.

Now, what's the best way to make the most of that profile description?

1. Define your value proposition

This basically refers to what makes you unique in providing your medical services and how you can benefit your patients or those reading the bio.

This is the most important part of your BIO as it summarizes why people should follow you and seek medical attention at your clinic.

2. Highlight your business voice

Every business has its voice, and the BIO is an ideal place to present it to your followers.

Use this space on your profile to link your brand values and concepts, creating a connection with your patients.

3. Include a call to action

The bio is short but effective, and if configured correctly, it can prompt your followers to take specific actions, such as:

  • Contacting you directly at a phone number,
  • Clicking on a link to download free materials that you will send directly to their email (known as a lead magnet),
  • Following you to not miss your informative/educational content,
  • Recommending your profile to friends or family, among other things.

Think carefully about your call to action because you will literally be telling users what you want them to do.

How to edit your Instagram BIO

As you may have imagined, you can edit your Instagram profile BIO from your mobile device and a computer since both versions include the "Edit Profile" button next to the identifier, which you need to click to access.

As experts in the field, we know that for an Instagram bio to be robust, it must include certain elements widely used in the field of marketing. For example:

  • Write for your target audience

This step is not exclusive to the bio, as any medical marketing plan starts here.

Therefore, before starting to write your description, clearly define your target audience—the people you will address, potential customers for your services.

→ This will help you determine your value proposition, brand voice, and actions to optimize.

Depending on your audience, you can define the language you use since it's not the same to speak to young people as it is to speak to older adults. Or to write for men aged 50 or older compared to a younger female audience.

  • Define what makes you unique

What sets you apart is what makes you unique, which constitutes your "value proposition" (something your client won't find with any other doctor).

This is the crucial point of your bio.

You must show users why they should turn to your clinic or use your medical services, not just talk about yourself but about how you will help them achieve something unique in the market.

  • Action to optimize

Usually, clinic marketing plans include strategic objectives, for example:

Are you interested in increasing the number of patients? Increasing user content volume? Innovating in the application of some medical technology?

Yes, all these are good objectives, but you can't go for all of them at the same time. Answer yourself: What do you want to optimize first? What is the priority?

→ The answer will guide you in the strategy and content to include in the BIO.

  • Include clinic tags and sister accounts

Hashtags or tags are search tools for users, brands, or businesses within the social network.

While it's true that recent updates have reduced the weight of hashtags, it doesn't hurt to continue using a few in your communication strategy.

On the other hand, if you have sister accounts, all content should be linked to them.

For example, if you have an aesthetic clinic, you can have one account dedicated to surgical procedures and another for non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Or link your account as a specialist doctor to the clinic or center where you treat your patients.

  • Use emojis

Not only are they fun, but they also help communicate better (especially when characters are limited).

By placing the clinic or hospital emoji, as well as the doctor emoji, you can save text, and your followers will perfectly understand what you wanted to tell them.

Additionally, emojis allow you to capture the user's attention in a memorable and interesting way.

  • Add keywords

Keywords are always necessary to guide our users' searches.

→ Users who search for keywords like rhinoplasty, otolaryngologist, cardiologist, or liposuction can find you if you have included these keywords in your profile bio.

So, it's always a good option to include keywords so that your profile appears in relevant searches.

A powerful BIO in 4 actions

In conclusion, a powerful, well-structured BIO that generates new followers, potential clients, and sales should include these 4 actions:

  1. Tell your users what to expect when following your account.
  2. Connect with people on a real level, from the plausible and with simple language.
  3. Convince followers to contact you.
  4. Take advantage of the platform to direct traffic to your website, where you will have many more opportunities to generate sales.

Now go to the app and make the changes!