Patient Acquisition Strategies for Orthopedic Clinics

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Published on: 4/0/2024 5 mins read

Attracting patients to orthopedic clinics requires a combination of external and internal approaches. We're talking about both offline (on-site) and online (digital platforms) strategies to stand out in a highly competitive landscape.

The good news is that with a well-devised marketing plan for orthopedic clinics, acquiring new patients every month and retaining existing ones is entirely possible.

You just need to explore the range of available strategies, analyze those that align with your brand at the moment, and assemble a team capable of implementing them.

To help you better understand what we're talking about, we've compiled this blog outlining six powerful marketing strategies for orthopedic clinics.

We've categorized them into two groups and included practical examples in each, which you can certainly put into practice.

Ready to delve into the art of attracting, acquiring, and retaining clients?

Let's get started!

External Orthopedic Marketing Strategies

Clarifying the term "external," the strategies outlined below are executed outside the physical location of your clinic or office.

This includes your website, digital platforms like social media, and other spaces.

Let's delve into the first strategies.

Persuasive Online Publications

For a long time, businesses in various industries have used traditional marketing methods such as print advertising, TV ads, and billboards to attract new clients.

This practice has been quite common in the medical sector as well.

However, not all businesses can afford this type of advertising due to_

  • its general high cost,
  • difficulty in tracking return on investment, and
  • the challenge of ensuring the message reaches the right audience.

To counter the cons associated with large-scale advertisements, we propose focusing efforts on online advertising.

The reason for this is that many patients' first contact with your clinic will be through your online presence.

Ensure that you advertise your services persuasively using the following tools/elements:

  • A clear, informative, and easy-to-navigate website highlighting your key orthopedic services.
  • Regular social media posts showcasing success stories, orthopedic tips, and educational content to generate interest and trust.
  • Audiovisual material such as before-and-after photos, videos, and testimonials to humanize the experience at your clinic.
  • Quality materials for persuasive ads on various platforms (we'll discuss this in the next section).

Being online and on social media (where millions of people consume content and conduct searches every day) has several advantages, with visibility and reach being the most prominent.

You can reach many people to gain followers, and, even better, you can efficiently reach your potential customer by implementing the right strategies.

Custom Online Marketing

Do not underestimate the power of digital marketing.

  • Use SEO strategies to ensure your clinic appears in relevant searches.
  • Google My Business is your ally for standing out in local results.
  • Targeted campaigns on social media platforms, especially on Facebook and Instagram, will help you reach potential clients effectively.

Invest in online advertising intelligently, and you will see your clinic fill up with new patients.

Traditional Actions to Acquire New Patients

It's true that we started the article discussing traditional advertising and how expensive it can be when done on platforms like radio, cinema, or television.

However, advertising is not limited to that! There is much you can do to attract patients and maintain good relationships with the entire community where your clinic is located.

In this regard, word of mouth strategy remains crucial for orthopedic clinics.

Additionally, sponsoring local events, hosting fairs, or participating in health seminars will give you visibility and help educate potential patients hungry for information.

→ Being active in the city or neighborhood where your clinic is located will help you stay in the minds of patients.

Undoubtedly, these three external marketing strategies will help you attract more patients, but beware! The work doesn't end here. There is still much you can do, this time, from the doors inward.

Internal Clinic Strategies

Now, let's look at the type of actions that you and your team can implement in daily routines to build loyalty among the new patients acquired through digital marketing, online advertising, and traditional methods.

Interaction with Clinic Staff

Remember this: attention will always be crucial.

We return to places where we feel comfortable and well-taken care of, and we refuse to spend our money on those where we don't.

In your clinic:

  • How do they treat patients?
  • Do patients have to wait a long time to speak with someone?
  • Does your staff sound irritated or rude when speaking with patients, whether on the phone or in person?

The patient's experience begins long before they enter the waiting room.

→ Train your staff to be experts not only in orthopedics but also in empathy.

If you have caring and friendly individuals on your staff, you'll have a better chance of making an excellent first impression on your patients.

On the contrary, if patients have an unpleasant experience with your staff, you may lose them and gain negative reviews that will impact your online reputation.

Optimization of Internal Processes

On the other hand, if the procedures within your clinic are complicated or challenging to follow, that could also be a hindrance for your patients.

Again, ask yourself:

  • Do patients have to navigate a complicated phone tree to speak with someone?
  • Do they spend a lot of time waiting?
  • Do they have to fill out multiple pages of paperwork every time they enter?

Remember, your patients are already in pain and not feeling well. Anything you can do to lighten this process will be of great help.

→ Technology can be your ally here; consider implementing online appointment scheduling systems and electronic medical records to enhance the experience and streamline internal operations.

Focus on the Patient Experience

Patient satisfaction goes beyond medical quality.

It's crucial to communicate regularly with your clinic staff to set expectations and find out what works and what doesn't.

Remember that if patients have very positive interactions with your clinic, from the moment they walk through the door, they will praise it. On the contrary, if they don't have a great experience, they're likely to tell everyone.

Indeed, when reviewing online clinic reviews, many negative reviews focus on negative interactions with staff rather than the treatment outcome.

Therefore, it's essential to maintain a strong focus on both attracting and retaining patients.

This is only possible if we consider their experience with our services as a whole. From the first contact until they leave the clinic satisfied after an intervention, consultation, or treatment.

  • Create a welcoming atmosphere in your clinic, from the décor to the lighting.
  • Consider offering additional services, such as printed educational materials or online resources, to empower patients with information about their orthopedic health.
  • Stay attentive to reviews because you may find improvement opportunities in them.


In summary, attracting patients to orthopedic clinics is an art that cleverly combines external and internal strategies.

From an effective online presence to optimized internal processes and patient-focused experiences, each aspect contributes to building a successful orthopedic clinic.

Apply these strategies and make your clinic the preferred choice for those seeking quality orthopedic care!

If you need assistance in building your brand and designing your marketing plan, contact the Medical Marketing team, experts in web positioning and online reputation management.