What does online reputation marketing mean for clinics?

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Published on: 29/0/2024 4 mins read

If your clinic has received negative reviews or ratings on patient review sites, don't worry!

This could be an opportunity for you if you handle it correctly.


You've probably heard a lot about online reputation management for clinics. Even if your clinic hasn't had to worry about reputation management, you're likely familiar with the concept.

Reputation management for clinics focuses on restoring a positive reputation after receiving negative reviews, ratings, or negative press.

Undoubtedly, it's a position no clinic wants to be in.

However, with the growing popularity of patient review sites and the ease with which negative content can go viral on social media, many of us are exposed.

Now, these same platforms and review sites are an opportunity to showcase the positive aspects of your clinic and make the most of them.

→ Remember, if your patients are satisfied, they're probably already telling their family and friends about you.

Reputation marketing to promote your clinic

Hold on! Take a moment to Google the name of your clinic and all your doctors.

You'll probably see a Google list in the search results, as well as lists of review sites.

→ These sites will display individual reviews as well as an overall average of all scores.

Unless your clinic is actively working to get reviews from patients or is in a highly competitive market, it's not uncommon to find fewer than 10 reviews on each review site.

The problem is that most patients don't think about posting reviews for a clinic unless they're really upset or feel that the service didn't meet their expectations.

This can eventually create an inaccurate representation of your clinic, and patients looking for clinics online may come across average or low scores that are concerning.

The good news is that you know the vast majority of your patients are happy, and this is a real opportunity for you to prove it.

→ With reputation marketing for your clinic, you can work to build a stronger online reputation so that patients in your area always see an accurate representation of your clinic when they search online.

The idea is to collect as many reviews as possible from your satisfied patients so that you can showcase those positive comments to other patients.

Reputation marketing will directly benefit your practice, reputation, and sales, even if you've never had a patient leave a negative review.

How Does Reputation Marketing Work?

Basically, reputation marketing involves showcasing positive feedback from your patients about your clinic.

We can help you build your clinic's reputation, position it in search results, and capture the attention of patients looking for a doctor.

It's not about trying to trick the system or cheat to get more reviews.

The idea is to get more positive and genuine reviews from real patients who have paid for your services but haven't provided feedback.

Potential patients will see these reviews when they search for your clinic online and will have a good idea of what to expect if they choose to visit your clinic.

It's important to note that this doesn't cover everything related to online reputation for clinics, and depending on the situation, reputation management may need to be approached from a more "aggressive" perspective.

Do you have an upset patient causing trouble or competitors spreading rumors about your clinic's malpractice?

Then, you need help.

Schedule a free 30-minute strategic session here, and we'll advise you on how to handle it.

Approaching Reputation Marketing for Your Clinic

There are two ways to do it!

One option is to claim your profiles on review sites and then ask patients to go there to leave reviews.

→ You can provide a card with the URL at the end of the appointment or send an email (or WhatsApp) with links to the listings on these sites.

However, the problem with this approach is that your patients may forget or be too busy to go to each site and complete a survey, so it may take a long time to accumulate the number of reviews you want.

A solution to this, which is also the second way to do it, is to collect patient feedback at the end of their appointments while they are still in your office.

They only need to complete a survey, and if patients give permission, your team can publish those comments on various online review sites.

Our reputation marketing service is a very simple way to quickly accumulate a good number of online reviews.

If you want this result for your clinic, consult with the Medical Marketing team.

Other Benefits of Reputation Marketing

Beyond providing a positive representation of your clinic online, reputation marketing can offer another benefit.

As you start accumulating positive reviews online, your local ranking in search engines increases.

For Google, user experience with your products and services is important for your own ranking.

→ So, the more positive and current reviews you have, the more likely you are to have a favorable presence in relevant local searches.

In contrast to the reactive nature of reputation management, reputation marketing is about being proactive with your clinic's reputation.

In summary, with reputation marketing, you showcase all the positive aspects of your clinic (as told by your own patients) instead of trying to hide the negatives.