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Updated: February 22, 2024

Patients Through SEO

If you'd like to acquire patients easily and for free (using SEO)...

This information will be among the most valuable you've read.

The reason...

You see, especially in the medical field:

Organic Google traffic (SEO) provides the most qualified and highest-quality patients.

For example, if you've invested in social media marketing, you'll know that filling your schedule is easier than prescribing an aspirin...

But it's even simpler for none of the appointments to result in a decent patient visit.

This can be caused by various reasons, but the conclusion is:

Time and money are wasted on low-quality patients.

This is how we rank patient quality (from highest to lowest):

  • Referred patients (recommended by others).
  • SEO patients (explained on this page).
  • Google Ads patients.
  • Facebook Ads patients.

Referred patients are of the HIGHEST quality.

And those who come through well-executed SEO can reach the same quality level as word-of-mouth referrals.

The best part of it all?

The exponential growth hidden within SEO.

Crecimiento SEO gracias a Medical Marketing
posicionamiento SEO

But let me guess...

You've already tried SEO in the past, whether with an agency, a freelancer, or a self-proclaimed 'SEO expert.'

They promised you the world, and at most, they delivered an atlas 😜.

Or perhaps, your website ranked on Google, bringing in:

New leads, potential patients, sales...

But suddenly, a change in Google's algorithm, and...

Bam, back to square one.

Regardless of your story, you can't let your competition take all the free traffic from Google.

Book 30 minutes with one of our experts to assess the current SEO of your website and keep that traffic flowing.

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Not being in the top positions of Google is bad, but...

do you know what's worse?

The average CPC on Google has almost tripled in the last 3 years!

And it will keep going up.

But let's not blame only Google Ads.

Our good friend Zuck is also rubbing his hands, as the CPC on Facebook has doubled in the last 12 months!

It seems like Google and META are competing to see who can take more money from us...

But hold on tight to your chair because the fun doesn't end here:

It's expected to double again next year!

And these costs don't look like they're slowing down in the near future.

But not everything is going to be bad news.

In an environment where everyone has set out to empty our pockets... SEO arrived!

Once you reach the top positions on Google, you can have a constant flow of patients without the need to invest every month in Google or Facebook Ads.

If you don't want to depend on paid campaigns forever...

You can start by booking a strategic session with our team.

We will explain EVERYTHING, and you can also ask whatever you want 😉.

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It gets more serious every time, and in the end...


Again and again...

The endless updates of the Google algorithm keep hitting you hard (Penguin, Hummingbird, Medic...).

And with each of them, the number of leads coming in through SEO plummets.

And then your reaction is:

I've had enough!

SEO is too difficult...

And without further ado, after a dramatic farewell, you shift your SEO budget to Google Ads.

And once again...

Google's master plan worked perfectly, and they get away with it again.

You see, if you're tired of the #NeverEndingRise in Google Ads cost per click...

And you want to position your website in the #1 spot on Google to attract patients for free...

Then, SEO is the best INVESTMENT you can make in your business.


And the sooner you start, the better.

Click the button below, enter your details, and let's start by explaining the hidden potential behind medical SEO.

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But, why would you believe us? Here's what you have next...


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