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Medical Marketing
Updated: July 16, 2024

Definitely NOT
MDs (thankfully 😜)

Seriously, you wouldn’t want us anywhere near a scalpel!

But guess what?

We're expert surgeons in the world of patient psychology—no real cutting involved!

Here’s where it gets good.

We’ve plunged a cool:

1 million USD

Invested solely in the last four months.

Distributed across Social Media and Google Ads campaigns.


With the SOLE objective of increasing the number of patients our clients receive:

Clinics and doctors like yourself...

And on this page, we reveal how you can achieve results like this one 👇

Real-life 1:

Success Story:

  • Investment: $600
  • Return: $24,300

Discover the evidence here:

Stop Wasting
Your Precious Time

Sure, you could give it a go yourself.

But let's be honest, nothing beats having a seasoned expert in your corner:

For those who want to be helped, here you can start a 5 questions quick test:

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And for you, who still don't know how we can help, you might have doubts about...

Optimizing your patent's value...

Maybe you need:

  • a fresher clinic look?
  • or, an agency that's all about you?
  • or, more patients, perhaps?

At Medical Marketing, we've tried it all, and we know what works and what doesn't.

We know the recipe for success (and disaster).

It boils down to:

  • The service.
  • The location.
  • The brand.

Mix 'em right 👆, and voilà! Success stew.

Other ingredients? Sure, but those are the secret spices.

Real-life 2:

Got a fresh (brand) dental clinic (service) tucked away from prying eyes (location)? 🦷

Well, you've got a jaw-dropping 73% chance of going kaput! 😱

Check out the campaign we crafted for one of those unlucky ones. ☝️

And hey, even Google gives a virtual high-five with their “Above average” stamp of approval!

It gets trickier from here, but stay calm...

No "Idiopathic"
Philosophy Here:

In healthcare, “idiopathic” might be common, but there's no room for unknowns in Medical Marketing.

Every detail has its reason, and we're here to unveil them for you.

Start by clicking here for your no-cost consultation—we're here to decode all your queries.

Pirate Marketing: does it work?

In the digital sea, we sail through dangerous waters filled with modern-day pirates 🏴‍☠️...

The harsh reality:

Anyone with free time, YouTube, and a bit of copy/paste...

Proclaims themselves captain and hoists their flag, unaware that it's black, bearing a chilling skull.

(Careful, Captain Hook also thought his helm was one of perfection).

The issue here?

Not even a marketing agency with years of experience, dedicated SOLELY to the medical sector, can achieve results in every case...

It's unlikely that a pirate, a rookie, or even your favorite nephew 😜, will have the impact you seek...

Real-life 3:

Here's the breakdown:

Take bariatric surgery as an example:

Above 👆, we obtained 1,681 patients that were searching Google for the solution to their problems:

Indeed, this means exceptionally qualified patients.

And an investment of $17,805. With an average ticket of $8,000 and a conversion rate of 3%, we achieve:

An impressive return on investment (ROI) of $403,440.

Yes, we invest $17,000 and get $400,000.

But not everything can be a fairy-tale (or a pirate's tale 😜), right?


What can go

Collaboration with Medical Marketing might not always fit.


Digital marketing's profitability varies by:

  • Location and competitors.
  • Your sales team (or its absence).
  • Medical field. Maybe Google Ads suit you better than Facebook Ads for ROI.

Wondering, "Will it work for me?"

Get a tailored answer by booking a strategy session with our experts.

Click below to arrange:

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Alright, enough of the results, tell me more...


There are different strategies:

  • The fearsome: Google Ads.
  • The captivating: Social Media.
  • The mysterious: SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • The classics: Offline Media (yes, they also have their charm).

BUT, undoubtedly, the undisputed champion is...

Google Ads:

If you've had the honor of trying it,

You know the magic it holds...

(Your experience may differ if you've met our aforementioned friend Captain Hook 😉).

To illustrate what Google Ads involve, let's conduct an experiment.

Yes, right now, hop onto Google and search for your star service... 🌟

The first four positions are the battleground and are known as “paid positions”.

What does this mean?

Clicks cost cash

Okay, here we go.


If you want your site to hit those top 4 spots.

Every time a patient clicks…

Google sighs, and your wallet gets lighter.

Yep, clicks ain't free!

But what if…

The patient decides to explore your competitor's website:

Then they will be the ones who pay.

So, here's the million-dollar question:

If it's profitable for them (your direct competition)...

Why can't it be for me too?

You just need the right guidance, and we've got you covered.

Ready to unlock the treasure?
Scroll down and let's set sail! 😉

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Are you still here? Then you surely want to know...

How our Guaranteed Offer works...

Let's face it, nobody works for free.

That's why this offer ain't for just anyone.

To qualify for our Medical Marketing guarantee, we need some requirements:

  • Already running ads? This opportunity is designed for businesses that have some advertising expenses; we're not starting from scratch.
  • We require a minimum investment; we'll let you know how much.
  • Trust us with a “carte blanche”? Remember, what works ain't always what your brother, wife, or Snow White's crew suggests.
  • Got the credentials? We ain't dealing with shady reputations or uncertified surgeons.

That's it!

If you're feeling lucky and meet these four criteria, sign up, and let's get to work (for free):

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And, of course, you wouldn't believe that everything we're telling you was going to remain blowing in the wind 🎶, would you?


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