Website Design for Doctors & Clinics

You don't just need a website. You need a complete digital image that helps you attract new patients every month.

We transform your website or digital image into an effective machine for generating new patients, educating them, and driving visits to your clinic, automatically.

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"Responsive" web design focused on converting visits into patients

The design of a website for doctors must fulfill several basic functions, in order of importance:

  1. Convey trust.
  2. Convert visits (measured with the CR Conversion Rate).
  3. Be optimized for SEO.

We'll delve into each of these points a bit further.

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Let's start with the first point for which you need a...

1 - Website that Inspires Trust

When a patient researches a doctor, they are literally seeking:

"The reason why they shouldn't trust you."

In this intriguing first step of their new investigation, the patient chooses to:

Search for your name on Google (because, honestly, wouldn't you?):

And there it is, waiting patiently, your website.

Remember, this new detective, determined to discover any weaknesses, seeks perfection in every corner of your website.

But that's not all.

These individuals above ☝️ are what we call "hot patients", those who already know about your existence and actively search for you online...

But your website will also attract patients from other channels.

Such as:

This ☝️ means that your website will be receiving not only hot patients but also a cold audience.

And this is where the next point (CR) becomes especially important...

But before we continue, if what you're reading makes sense:

Remember that you can book a strategic session, what's better than telling you in person?:

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Now we can continue with:

2 - Conversion of Your Medical Website

The conversion rate is our star metric, and we use it to measure:

The number of patients who visit your new medical website and become patients by providing their name, email, and phone number.

How do we measure this?

With analytics.

Yes, here we also have a clinical monitor (something different).

Analytics is our digital vital signs monitor for your website. We get to know:

  • Where each visit to your website comes from.
  • How that visit behaves on your website.
  • Does it call, send an email, use WhatsApp? Does it read 50%, 80% of the page, etc.?

With these data collected from the website, we make decisions. For example, we can:

Remarket to patients who read 80% of your website.

Again, analytics, which will also be your new diagnostic scanner:

Will reveal patterns of patients on your website, for instance:

If a patient spends 45 minutes on your website, navigating multiple pages, the blog, delving into your before and after cases...

But leaves no trace of their name and phone number.

This potential patient ☝️ could be a good candidate for remarketing.

But not only that:

Analytics data will also help us make strategic decisions to optimize the patient experience.

Do you want to learn more about the art of digital medicine?

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But there's still a very important point to cover...

3 - The SEO optimization of your medical website

Although we have a dedicated section on the website where we delve into medical SEO in detail:

Here, we focus on the initial work.

Because, honestly:

Does it make sense to design a medical website in the 21st century that is not optimized for SEO?

Simply put, we want you to understand that a well-crafted initial SEO:



Here's an example:

SEO de Medical Marketing

If you want us to explain more about the topic, you can:

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But it's not just us saying this:


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