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Medical Marketing
Updated: February 22, 2024

I need more patients for my clinic...

Or perhaps you're seeking prestige and visibility.

No matter the goal.

As long as there are people or patients interested in what you have to offer...

The information you'll find on this page will be some of the most valuable you've read.

It's true that, in Medical Marketing, we don't hold medical degrees (thankfully 😜)...

But we have studied patient psychology for years:

Backed by a robust 1 million investment.

Distributed across campaigns on social media and Google Ads.

Medical Marketing investment campaigns

With the SOLE objective of increasing the number of patients our clients receive:

Clinics and doctors like yourself...

And on this page, we reveal how you can achieve results like these 👇 (investment of $600 and a return of $24,300):

Optimizing your patent's value...

  • or, do you have enough of them, but want to refresh your clinic's image?
  • or, do you need a reliable agency to focus ONLY on your career?
  • or, just need more patients now?

At Medical Marketing, we've tried it all and we know what works and what doesn't.

And we can tell you that the success or failure of the marketing campaign will depend on:

  • The service.
  • The location.
  • The brand.

And above all, the study of these 3 👆 as a whole.

Yes, there are other additional factors, but:

Here's an example: REAL LIFE CASE STUDY

A newly opened (brand) dental clinic (service) without public visibility (location), has a 73% probability of closing in its first year of existence.

And we didn't even start talking about real marketing investment yet:

  • what is the ROAS of your marketing money?
  • is your CTR (click-through-rate) ok?
  • do you need facebook or google for quick patients?

You see, things get a little more complicated...

But don't worry... you don't have to waste your valuable time on fruitless experiments.

You can book a free strategy session with one of our experts.

While in the medical field, you often use the term "idiopathic," at Medical Marketing, that word is not part of our lexicon...

Here, everything has an explanation, and we're eager to share it with you.

Click below to book your free consultation:

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And for you, who still don't know how we can help, you might have doubts about...

PIRATE MARKETING: does it work?

In the digital sea, we sail through dangerous waters filled with modern-day pirates...

The harsh reality:

Anyone with free time, YouTube, and a bit of copy/paste...

Proclaims themselves captain of the ship and hoists their flag, unaware that it's black, bearing a chilling skull.

(Careful, Captain Hook also thought his helm was one of perfection).

The problem?

Not even a marketing agency with years of experience, dedicated SOLELY to the medical sector, can achieve results in every case...

It's unlikely that a pirate, a rookie, or even your favorite nephew 😜, will have the impact you seek...

Without professional medical marketing efforts...

You're out.

The medical sector is VERY competitive, making it challenging to get a return on your investment.

At Medical Marketing, we've already gone through the trial-and-error phase.

We know what works:

Up here 👆, we obtained 162 patients with Google Ads and an investment of $600. With an average ticket of $3,000 and a conversion rate of 5%, we achieve:

An impressive return on investment (ROI) of $24,300.

Yes, we invest $600 and get $24,300.

But not everything can be a fairytale (or a pirate's tale 😜), right?


What can go wrong?

Sometimes, collaboration with Medical Marketing may not be possible.

Simply because digital marketing may not be profitable for your situation.

What does it depend on? Mainly:

  • Location and competition.
  • Your internal team (or its absence).
  • Medical specialty. For example, you might need Google Ads instead of Facebook Ads for an effective return on investment.

I know what you're thinking: "But will it work for me?"

For an accurate answer, we encourage you to book a strategy session with one of our experts. Click below to schedule it:

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Alright, enough of the results, tell me more...

Maximising Your Investment Returns in Medical Marketing

There are different strategies:

  • The fearsome: Google Ads.
  • The captivating: Social Media.
  • The mysterious: SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • The classics: Offline Media (yes, they also have their charm).

BUT, undoubtedly, the undisputed champion is Google Ads.

If you've had the honor of trying it, you know the magic it holds, unless you've fallen into the clutches of our aforementioned friend, Captain Hook.

To explain what it involves, let's conduct an experiment.

Yes, right now, go to Google and search for your star service...

The first four positions are the battleground and are known as "paid positions."

What does this mean?

It means that if you want your website to appear in those first 4 positions:

Every time a patient clicks on your website...

Google lets out a "sigh," and your pocket gets lighter. Yes, every click comes with a cost.

But if the patient decides to explore your competitor's website, they will pay.

In the midst of this enigma, the big question arises:

If it's profitable for them (your direct competition)...

Why couldn't it be profitable for me?

You just need the right help, and we're here to assist you.

Start by clicking a little further down:

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Are you still here? Then you surely want to know...


Let's be realistic, no one works for free.

That's why this offer is NOT for everyone.

For the Medical Marketing guarantee, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • It's mandatory that you are already running ads. This opportunity is designed for businesses that already have some advertising expenses.
  • We require a minimum investment, which we will recommend in each case.
  • Are we so fortunate that you grant us "carte blanche"? We've experienced it a million times: What works is NOT what your brother, wife, friend, partner, or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 😜 advise you. You have to be patient and let us work.
  • You must be accredited and deliver real results. We don't work with companies with a questionable reputation, nor with surgeons who are not fully entitled to practice.

That's it!

If you believe you meet the 4 requirements above, you can sign up so we can start working for you (for free).

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And, of course, you wouldn't believe that everything we're telling you was going to remain blowing in the wind 🎶, would you?